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Su Casa began in 1999 as a new concept for the ever-popular Big Iguana.We wanted to sell more home accessories than we could possibly squeeze into our already jammed Fells Point store. So with 600 Square feet and a tractor trailer packed with goods delivered straight from Mexico, the adventure began on March 20.

Since then we’ve moved a couple of times, and ended up in our current 4800 square foot home in Fells Point in 2002.

In April 2000, we opened our second location in the heart of Historic Ellicott City. In a two-story old bank building, we realized that we needed to move beyond just decor and accessories and got into the furniture business. Our customers have been good to us over the many years, so we’ve expanded here, too. We’re still in Ellicott City, but now we’re at the top of the hill in a still larger space.


The Towson store at The Shops at Kenilworth was a great addition to our locations in 2010. We reconnected with so many customers who had spent their time in the city with us, moved to the county, and lost contact. So, in a beautiful 4000 square foot space, we welcomed hundreds of regular customers back “Home”!

We opened at Dewey Beach in May 2011 in a compact format; a throwback to the first Su Casa, we have a well thought out and carefully edited selection of Su Casa squeezed into just over 900 square feet! Again, so many of our customers have found us here!! Afternoons on the beach and nights at the Starboard and the Bottle & Cork, jealous yet?


We’ve furnished practically every neighborhood in and around Baltimore, so if you think you’ve got a problem spot, rest assured, we’re used to narrow doors, awkward stairwells and tight spots; we’ve seen your challenge before and are excited to solve it!

Keep in mind, our employees are some of our best customers too, so we’ve selected only manufacturers that adhere to our high standards for quality and delivery.

Our leather and upholstered sofas are available in hundreds of coverings and if that’s not enough, most of our upholsterers will let you select your own fabric. We want to do whatever you need to get the look you want.

We have dining and living room furniture in styles that run from classic, hand-carved, solid wood to sleek mixed materials like steel and glass and everything in between. Lately we've been taking our decades of furniture knowledge and our passion for reclaimed materials and building on of a kind (ok maybe 3 or 4 of a kind!) and custom pieces for our customers. So if our regular selection isn't enough for you, talk to one of our design specialists and we'll make something perfect specifically for you.




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